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Dave Shepherd and Howard Shepherd discuss hyperbole and exaggeration. zyloprim 300mg pills $81.00 (It's the best podcast ever!) Dave talks a bit about [zyloprim 300mg pills $81.00] our changeover to our new blog site (1:51) Howard and Dave explore the etymologies of "hyperbole" and "exaggeration" and discuss why speakers tend to exaggerate. (4:01) Comic uses of hyperbole (10:45) Music bumper from by "Bongo Booty" by (14:02) Political and commercial uses of hyperbole (14:38) Song: "Immortal zyloprim 300mg pills $81.00, " by (20:48) Rude word of the week: "fascist" (24:08) Music bumper from "The Corner of Sacco and Vanzetti" by (27:33) Understatement, the flip-side of hyperbole: meiosis and litotes (28:09) Music courtesy of and Theme music by time: 33:28 size: 23. Zyloprim 300mg pills $81.00 2 mb rating: pg (young kids should not be playing the dozens nor doing "yo' mama" jokes. ) Tags: ,

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