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The vast majority of you are using iTunes as your podcast receiving software. I use it myself. Unfortunately, there is a deep disconnect between iTunes and our web server. zithromax 250mg pills $177.00 iTunes cannot see our feed, and so gives an error message when you try to get a show. Zithromax 250mg pills $177.00 (or more accurately stated, our [zithromax 250mg pills $177.00] server redirects our feed when itunes hits the site. It's not iTunes's fault, as far as we can tell. ) I don't know exactly how to combat this, but I am shopping for a new web host. In the meantime, the best solution appears to be to use as a podcast catcher. It's not as convenient to use as iTunes in many ways zithromax 250mg pills $177.00, but it works with our feed. It is a free application and will run on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operating systems. I hope to have our feed-server problem solved by the end of December. Stay tuned. (You may always listen to the show, or download it to your computer, using the links at the end of each episode's post. )

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