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Dave Shepherd announces changes to The Word Nerds' blog and feed, which will take place this weekend. Zenegra 100mg pills $132.00 the web address for the word nerds will remain zenegra 100mg pills $132.00, and the feed address [zenegra 100mg pills $132.00] will stay . [EDIT: The very best way to subscribe is to use . If you are already subscribed using /rss, it will work, but only because you are being redirected to /feed. If this confuses you, and everything zenegra 100mg pills $132.00 works fine, then just leave things the way they are. ] This may mean duplicate downloads for editions of TWN that you have already received from April and May 2006. You can correct this on your end by changing the settings in your podcatcher software so that you are receiving only the most recent episodes of podcasts, not all episodes. If, despite this, you still receive duplicate downloads, I apologize. After this weekend (5/27/06) you should only get one copy of each show through our feed. Cross your fingers! Let's hope this works! This will mean a more accessible comment function on our blog, as well as a bulletin-board-style forum in coming weeks. time: 3:22 size: 2. 4 Mb

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