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Dave Shepherd, Howard Shepherd, and Howard Chang talk about jokes and humor. Womenra 100mg pills $166.00 (what a bunch of chuckleheads!) the philosophical underpinnings of humor (2:01) music bumper from by "the corner of sacco and vanzetti" by (11:20) categories of humor (11:57) song: "inside joke womenra 100mg pills $166.00, " by womenra 100mg pills $166.00 (22:51) rude word of the week: "bombing" (or shall we say, this segment is bombing this week?) (27:23) music bumper from [womenra 100mg pills $166.00] "make me understand, " by (29:31) what makes something funny? perspective and delivery (30:12) music courtesy of theme music by time: 36:12 size: 24. 9 Mb rating: PG-13 (We discuss some provocative sexual and religious aspects of joke humor, and our song has a few mildly rude words. ) Tags: , ,

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