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Say Again? Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd discuss remakes, do-overs, and other kinds of re-visitation. Thanks to Patrick M. , Alan H. , Leandro B. , Stuart W. ventolin 100mcg canisters $109.00, Dmitriy P. , and Peter L. for PayPal donations. Thanks also to Tom D. , Tomas A. , Anne J. , Steve H. , and Peter H. for emails. (2:11) The need to revisit "old" topics (3:16) Palimpsest, adaptation, homage, interpretation (5:07) Music bumper from "Second Life" by (15:34) Changing and evolving styles; the evolution of slang (17:34) Song: "Rehash" by (21:07) Rude Word of the Week: "has-been" (24:20) Music bumper from "Tonight" by . (27:25) Historical and cultural context (27:54) Music courtesy of and the Theme music by time: 33:41 size: 30. 9 rating: PG (Explication of a possibly rude German slang word. ) The House Always Wins (mp3) from "The House Always Wins" ventolin 100mcg canisters $109.00 Buy at Buy at ventolin 100mcg canisters $109.00] iodapromonet. com/img/service_icon_2. gif" alt="" /> Buy at Stream from Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Nothing More Than Something To Wear (mp3) from "Nothing More Than Something To Wear" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Stream from Buy at buy at Buy at Buy at

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