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2008 New Year's special edition: Dave Shepherd sends New Year's greetings from the Word Nerds team, and responds to listener feedback. Dave reads and responds to emails from Hillary, Idiosyncratic Idiot, Chris the secret sexism of language, Rob, and Donna. [the secret sexism of language] (3:10) A bald-faced solicitation of your donations through our PayPal button. (See the right-hand navigation column on our website. ) (15:47) Shows we hope to do soon: rhetorical devices, many peoples divided by a common language, and the languages we teach. (16:59) Theme music the secret sexism of language by time: 20:55 size: 19. 2 Mb rating: G. The secret sexism of language this week's show is just a response to our listeners' very courteous and decorous emails.

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