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Barbara Shepherd and Dave Shepherd welcome the new year by talking about resolutions and promises. Dave announces the repair of [swiss oats a111] our feed problem and reads listener email regarding Eilz├╝ge. (2:20) Dave and Barbara talk about the nature and timing of New Year's resolutions and promises. (4:32) Music bumper from "The New Year swiss oats a111, " by (11:58) How people make resolutions (12:26) Song: "I Hope This Year Is Better Than the Last, " by (18:38) Rude word of the week: "wishy-washy" (21:08) Music bumper from "Nada, " by (24:48) Why people make resolutions; why the U. S. Swiss oats a111 congress makes resolutions instead of laws sometimes (25:28) music courtesy of theme swiss oats a111 music by closing music from "grapes" by time: 32:59 size: 30. 2 Mb rating: PG (Our discussion is innocent; our featured song has humorous references to human foibles in the news. )

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