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Ambiguity: Barbara Shepherd and Dave Shepherd try very hard to figure out exactly what each other means, as they explore the topic of ambiguity. Thanks to Paul L. , Smaran D. , Mary M. , Michelle M. suprax 200mg pills $94.00, Dolores B. , and Peter D. Suprax 200mg pills $94.00 for paypal donations (1:52) emails from paul l. , Adam R. , Maria C. , and Anne J. Also, Evan Stone, who composed and played our closing theme music, played in Beijing for the Olympic marathon. (2:53) Ambiguity defined: "Capability of being understood in two or more ways; double or dubious signification, ambiguousness. " Synonyms of ambiguous: enigmatic, equivocal, indeterminate, obscure, vague, unintelligible, dubious, double-entendre, ambivalent, uncertain (8:34) Structural ambiguity: syntactic ambiguity, lexical ambiguity, and misinterpretation (such as mondegreens) (12:53) Music bumper from "Whatever Stupid" by (18:20) Intentional ambiguity (19:11) Song: "Whatever" by (25:21) Rude Word of the Week: "whatever" (29:14) Music bumper from "Telepop" by . (32:36) Amusing intentional ambiguities: double entendres, jokes for adults buried in children's shows (as done by Soupy Sales), and the mighty Groucho Marx (33:23) Music suprax 200mg pills $94.00 courtesy of and Theme music by Closing theme from "Grapes" by time: 41:03 size: 37. 6 Mb rating: PG (Our song has a rude word for "poop, " and we talk about sexual double-entendres. ) The Mystagogue (mp3) from "The Mystagogue" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy [suprax 200mg pills $94.00] at Buy at Rock Me (mp3) from "Rock Me" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at

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