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Dave Shepherd announces a summer vacation for and from The Word Nerds. The show will return with new editions on September 9. (This is take 2 of this program. Take 1 was done using , but Dave hasn't yet learned all the ins and outs of that new Macintosh podcasting software. You're not imagining things: there is more program in the right side of your headphones than in the left. Stendra 50mg pills $26.00 sorry!) (1:55) in order to get a bit of summer in before the start of school stendra 50mg pills $26.00, dave will take five weeks off from producing and uploading new shows. (2:28) Ways to keep the Word Nerds discussion alive: forum, emails, stendra 50mg pills $26.00 and voicemails (4:24) Emails and voicemails from listeners (6:27)

  • Mr. B asks about re-playing The Word Nerds.
  • Michael corrects the pronunciation of his last name.
  • Alex corrects Dave's explanation of PHP.
  • Peter from , asks about the verb "belong"
  • talks about chiasmus and jokes
  • Jason tells us about the podcast for , with a couple of examples of .
  • Hillary recalls a recent citation of Tom Lehrer in a conversation.
Song: "Days of Summer, " by (17:47) Rude [stendra 50mg pills $26.00] word of the week: "slacker" (22:14) Music bumper from "Endless Summer" by (25:26) Other ways you can help The Word Nerds during our break (26:07)
  • Donate through the PayPal button on our website.
  • Vote for us at Podcast Alley.
  • Vote for The Word Nerds daily through August 11 at . We are nominated in the Education category.
  • Support all our musical artists by going to their websites and buying their music.
Music courtesy of Theme music by Closing music from "Grapes" by time: 33:08 size: 22. 8 Mb rating: PG (There is one very mildly rude definition of our Rude Word from . ) Tags: , ,

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