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Dave Shepherd welcomes back the North Carolina Nerd seroquel 300mg pills $582.00, Howard Shepherd, who is home from his travels to Denmark. Dave and Howard respond to several voicemails and emails about ePrime and puns. (1:55) Howard shares his memories of his trip with his students to Hobro Gymnasium in Denmark. (8:53) Revisiting our show on Insidious Idioms, we explain our categories of idiomatic distinctions: national, regional, and socio-economic class differences. Seroquel 300mg pills $582.00 (11:36) music bumper from by "make me understand" by (15:07) international textures: expressing the same idea in different languages, and the perils of mistaken translation (15:43) song: "fill me in, " by (21:42) rude word of the week: "pot to piss in" (25:41) music bumper from "dancing cow" by seroquel 300mg pills $582.00 (27:25) variations of idioms by class and region (28:06) music courtesy of theme music by time: 36:45 size: [seroquel 300mg pills $582.00] 25. 3 Mb rating: PG-13 (We discuss some amusing mis-translations of American idioms, some of which have sexual implications in other countries and languages. ) Tags: , ,

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