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Nostalgia: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd are on location in one of the important places of their young adulthood, where they talk about nostalgia. Thanks to Maureen B. for a PayPal donation. Dave makes a couple of corrections. Thanks to on E. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for providing space for the Word Nerds' remote studio. (2:08) Nostalgia of place: We have returned to Chapel Hill, NC requip 2mg pills 360 pills $608.00, where we both attended university; the meaning of the word "nostalgia" and related concepts; history vs. nostalgia. (4:08) Music bumper from "Back in the Days" by Teej (10:08) Some of our Chapel Hill memories; nostalgia as an emotional phenomenon. Can you go home again (with apologies to Thomas Wolfe)? Nostalgia and technology (11:56) Song: "The Good Old Days" by (29:46) Rude Word of the Week: "sappy" (33:07) Music bumper from "Natural Man" by . (36:14) The dark side of nostalgia: wishing for good old days that were not so good (36:42) Music courtesy of and the Theme music by time: 44:49 size: 41. 1 Mb rating: PG (One of our definitions of our Rude Word gets slightly crude at one point. ) Life Is Sweet (mp3) from "Life Is Sweet" Buy at Buy at Buy at Stream from Buy at Buy at Buy at Schenectady (mp3) from "Schenectady" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Stream from Buy at requip 2mg pills 360 pills $608.00 Buy at Buy at requip 2mg pills 360 pills $608.00] src="http://redirect2. iodalliance. com/log_pageview. php?id=16C573CF505763EA403ABF16A5210B11C0FFF40329A9578B1982ABB90EFC3B7AED396FFBEC7483245DD4B5D182FC7AE5" alt="" />

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