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"Inside" Language: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd speak as clearly and openly as they can about "insider" language--normal words that outsiders cannot understand. Our show is introduced this week by the from Israel, known to members as RabiAkiva. (0:01) We encourage you once again to check out book requip 2mg pills $165.00, a wonderful dictionary containing words and expressions for parts of the human body. Requip 2mg pills $165.00 (2:46) a mychingo message from jason in west australia (4:51) howard and dave use their interest in requip 2mg pills $165.00 road cycling to talk about jargon, lingo, and other forms of insider language. (6:35) A greeting from the (18:37) Acronyms, abbreviations, and other forms of "inside-the-beltway" jargon (19:15) Song: "Inside Joke" by (25:41) Rude word of the week: "wheelsucker" (30:13) Music bumper from "The Corner of Sacco and Vanzetti" by . (33:33) The inside jargon of the world of con-men, circus workers, and magicians: ballyhoo, patter, and cant (34:30) Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 40:38 size: 37. 3 Mb rating: PG-13 (Our song has some hilarious references to procreation and uses a couple of [requip 2mg pills $165.00] naughty words. )

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