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Howard and Dave by the courthouse in JonesboroughStories [prednisone 10mg pills $169.00] and Storytelling: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd are in Jonesborough, Tennessee, at the National Storytelling Festival, where they discuss stories and storytelling. Thanks to Martin P. for a PayPal donation (1:58) We are in Jonesborough, Tennessee, the oldest town in Tennessee, home of the International Storytelling Center and host to the National Storytelling Festival. (2:19)International Storytelling Center Why do people tell stories? Morality tales, expressions of heritage, stories that break the ice, stories that support the ego (5:14) Music bumper from "Edgar Meyer prednisone 10mg pills $169.00 Winter" by (13:28) Different kinds of storytelling performances that we have seen: folk music prednisone 10mg pills $169.00, reminiscence stories, cowboy poetry, telling traditional tales (15:20)Train tracks and story tent Song: "The Story" by (22:19) Rude Word of the Week: "turkey" (25:41) Music bumper from "Nada" by . (29:36) The future of storytelling: what will storytelling look and sound like in future generations? Benjamin Shepherd, Ruthanna Ruben, Caden Watts (30:17)Main Street,  Jonesborough Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 37:35 size: 34. 4 Mb rating: G (No "adult stories" were recounted in this edition. Furthermore, kids should be told stories all the time. )

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