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Silence and Speechlessness: Howard Chang and Dave Shepherd sit in silence for a few seconds--and then find that they have onomatopoeia and other word music 46 something to say after all. They explore speechlessness and silence. We are currently somewhat speechless because of overwork. [onomatopoeia and other word music 46] (2:02) Speechlessness: when words fail us. (3:33) Music bumper from "Silence" by . Onomatopoeia and other word music 46 (10:29) silence: sometimes empty, sometimes expressive (11:42) song: "silence" by (19:48) rude words of the week: "dum-dum" (23:43) music bumper from "silence speaks" by . (28:16) The silent treatment: silence as a tool, and as a weapon (29:16) Music courtesy of Theme music by Closing music from "Grapes" by time: 34:11 size: 31. 3 Mb rating: G (Silence is powerful onomatopoeia and other word music 46, but by itself it is usually inoffensive. )

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