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Ambiguity: Barbara Shepherd and Dave Shepherd try very hard to figure out exactly what each other means, as they explore the topic of ambiguity. Thanks to Paul L. , Smaran D. , Mary M. , Michelle M. , Dolores B. , and Peter D. for PayPal donations (1:52) Emails from Paul L. , Adam R. , Maria C. , and Anne J. Omnicef 300mg pills $191.00 also, evan stone, who composed and played our closing theme music, played in beijing for the olympic marathon. (2:53) Ambiguity defined: "Capability of being understood in two or more ways; double or dubious signification omnicef 300mg pills $191.00, ambiguousness. " Synonyms of ambiguous: enigmatic, equivocal, indeterminate, obscure, vague, unintelligible, dubious, double-entendre, ambivalent, uncertain (8:34) Structural ambiguity: syntactic ambiguity, [omnicef 300mg pills $191.00] lexical ambiguity, and misinterpretation (such as mondegreens) (12:53) Music bumper from "Whatever Stupid" by (18:20) Intentional ambiguity (19:11) Song: "Whatever" by (25:21) Rude Word of the Week: "whatever" (29:14) Music bumper from "Telepop" by . (32:36) Amusing intentional ambiguities: double entendres, jokes omnicef 300mg pills $191.00 for adults buried in children's shows (as done by Soupy Sales), and the mighty Groucho Marx (33:23) Music courtesy of and Theme music by Closing theme from "Grapes" by time: 41:03 size: 37. 6 Mb rating: PG (Our song has a rude word for "poop, " and we talk about sexual double-entendres. ) The Mystagogue (mp3) from "The Mystagogue" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Rock Me (mp3) from "Rock Me" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at

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