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Translation: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd bring a certain je ne sais quoi to their discussion of translation. Thanks to renaissance247 for the email suggestion of this show topic. (2:33) Practical problems in translation; "good" and [olmesartan 10mg pills $142.00] "bad" translation; the importance of accuracy (3:36) Music bumper from "Foreign Affair" by (9:37) Translating well-known texts: Martin Luther olmesartan 10mg pills $142.00, Rainer Maria Rilke (10:33) Song: "Strange Day in Mexico" by (19:26) Rude Word of the Week: "shmuck" (23:21) Music bumper from "Make Me Understand" by (26:48) Unfortunate mistakes in translation (including one on our very website!) (27:45) Music courtesy of and the Theme music by time: 36:39 size: 33. 6 Mb rating: PG-13 (Our Rude Word is a rude word in Yiddish, we use some other rude words to discuss it, olmesartan 10mg pills $142.00 and we talk about the rudeness of the name of the talk-back link on our website. ) The Future Was Yesterday (mp3) from "The Future Was Yesterday" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Stream from Buy at Buy at Buy at

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