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Expletives, both rude and non-rude: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd have a rollicking good time, filling out the time of the show by talking about expletives. (NOTE: This show contains some of the rudest language we have every explicated on The Word Nerds. Not work-, school- nerds in europe traveling and language 26, or family-safe!) This week's show will have , since it deals with really rude language. Please bring us your favorite expletives (both rude and non-rude). (3:02) This show was inspired by an from a listener. Thanks to Katherine Pennavaria. Nerds in europe traveling and language 26 (3:40) defining "expletive"; grammatical categories of expletives (4:45) music bumper from "baja taxi" by (12:20) attributive expletives and infixes: filling out words and sentences with rude words, both for rhythmic effect and for shock value (13:06) song: "c'est la f**king vie" by (24:10) rude word of the week: "f**king" (as an attributive expletive) (28:34) music bumper from essence by . (31:59) Curses, extended curses, nerds in europe traveling and language 26 and interjections (32:23) Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 42:28 size: 38. [nerds in europe traveling and language 26] 9 Mb rating: R (The last two-thirds of the show is about very rude language. Our lovely featured song is not one you want to play at work. )

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