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Spring Break Edition: Dave Shepherd does not have a linguistic topic, nor a Rude Word, nor a song--but he does respond to your emails and voicemails, and announces a new feature to the website. Lovegra 100mg pills $102.00 the virginia tech shooting touched us--but not directly. (2:20) We have a new feature on our blog site, a MyChingo button. Leave us a high-quality audio comment. (4:15) The Word Nerds studio is being remodeled. The next couple of shows will come lovegra 100mg pills $102.00 from another place! (5:51) We [lovegra 100mg pills $102.00] received a voicemail on the Nerd Number lovegra 100mg pills $102.00, 206-600-6373 (206-600-NERD), from Darren at the . (7:09) We received email from Michael Buchko and Christian Scholze, among many others. (7:48) Check out these threads on the : (10:29)

We will be back with a full show within the next three weeks. (15:40) Music courtesy of Theme music by Closing music from "Grapes" by time: 18:36 size: 17. 1 Mb rating: PG (I bleeped out one rude word in a voicemail. )

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