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itunes screen shotWe just learned from Apple Computer that The Word Nerds will be featured as a "splash" on the front page of the iTunes Music Store for about a week. We are very happy to have this extra promotional push by Apple, and we expect this will mean a lot of new listeners and members of the Nerdly Community within the next week. As I said in my previous post, I was planning sometime this week to switch the Word Nerds blog over to a lotensin 5mg pills $129.00 separate server and [lotensin 5mg pills $129.00] start using WordPress to publish the blog and the podcast feed. However, since this move could cause our web presence to disappear for a day or two, I think it is probably prudent to hold off on that migration for another week or so. I don't want new listeners to be see our logo prominently featured in the iTunes Music Store and then have absolutely nothing happen when they try to subscribe to the podcast (due to a one-day interruption). Lotensin 5mg pills $129.00 therefore, the migration to wordpress will probably take place sometime around the weekend of may 20. If you are a regular subscriber and you don't find a new edition of TWN in your podcatcher early that weekend, it means only that we are moving some things around lotensin 5mg pills $129.00, nothing more. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We're not going away; we're just trying to improve our look. --Dave

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