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Rhetoric in Famous Speeches: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd conclude their three-part series in rhetoric by presenting some examples of rhetoric and public discourse. At the time this is posted, our web site is not fully lexapro 20mg pills $191.00 functional. It will be fixed soon, so that you can find things and make PayPal donations. (1:54) Dave and Barbara were recently featured in the . (2:23) This show features samples of great recorded rhetoric from the 20th and 21st centuries. Our principle sources were the websites and . A couple of famous "mea culpa" speeches

  • Richard Nixon's "Checkers" speech (September 23 lexapro 20mg pills $191.00, 1952) (5:16)
  • Bill Clinton's denial in the Monica Lewinsky scandal (January 26, 1998) (10:34)
Calls to action/calls to arms
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt's call for war against Japan (December 8, 1941) (12:25)
  • Adolf Hitler's declaration of war against Poland (September 1, 1939) (18:02)
  • Winston Churchill's first speech as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May 13, 1940) (21:56)
Music bumper from "Grapes" by (24:48) Speeches at historical events
  • John F. Lexapro 20mg pills $191.00 kennedy in berlin [lexapro 20mg pills $191.00] (june 26, 1963) (26:02)
  • ronald reagan in berlin (june 12, 1987) (28:31)
  • martin luther king at the lincoln memorial--the "dream" speech (august 28, 1963) (30:20)
song: "speech" by (35:40) rude word of the week: "broken record, " featuring a broken-record argument between chris matthews and kevin james on msnbc () (may 15, 2008) (38:01) music bumper from "the corner of sacco and vanzetti" by . (42:36) Extemporaneous speech: Joseph Welch versus Joseph McCarthy in the U. S. Senate () (June 9, 1954) (45:32) Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 53:22 size: 48. 9 Mb rating: PG (Passing reference to sexual relations in our discussion of Bill Clinton)

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