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Debate: Barbara Shepherd and Dave Shepherd argue back and forth and try to come to agreement about the meaning of debate. Thanks to Alex Enkerli for an audio comment on MyChingo. (2:03) This edition was inspired by an email from Paul Lawler (3:45) Definitions of debate; what exactly constitutes a debate? (5:26) Music bumper from "Arabesque" by (11:21) Different types of debates for different purposes and in different forums; check out the website leukeran 5mg pills $364.00 from us leukeran 5mg pills $364.00 from us based pharmacy based pharmacy, as well as and the site. Leukeran 5mg pills $364.00 from us based pharmacy we also discuss . (13:26) Song: [leukeran 5mg pills $364.00 from us based pharmacy] "Support for My Argument" by (25:11) Rude Word of the Week: "filibuster" (28:55) Music bumper from "Rebuttal" by . (32:44) When does an argument become a debate? A brief homage to Monty Python's classic "Argument" sketch: "Just saying no isn't an argument!" "Yes it is. " "No it isn't!" (33:24) Music courtesy of . Theme music by Closing theme from "Grapes" by time: 39:44 size: 36. 4 Mb rating: G (This entire discussion of debate is conducted in a civil and respectful manner. )

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