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Writing: Barbara Shepherd and Dave Shepherd glance down at their written notes--albeit not handwritten--as they talk about writing. Thanks to Kay Horst S. lasix 40mg pills (brand) $298.00, Jeff O. , Kate S. , Margaret C. , and an anonymous friend for donations through the PayPal button. Thanks as well to Alan H. Lasix 40mg pills (brand) $298.00 , who sent us the link to the bbc news article that inspired this edition. (2:12) Writing through history; how are different generations taught to write? We talk about thoughts on this topic from the following sources: the  and .  (3:09) Music bumper from [lasix 40mg pills (brand) $298.00] "Edgar lasix 40mg pills (brand) $298.00 Meyer Winter" by (14:19) Calligraphy: the art of writing (16:02) Song: "So I'm Writing" by (20:49) Rude Word of the Week: "chicken scratch" (25:47) Music bumper from "Melancolica" by the . (30:38) Handwriting today and the effects of technological innovation (31:20) Music courtesy of Theme music by Closing theme from "Grapes" by time: 44:57 size: 41. 2 Mb rating: G (We hope to inspire some young listeners to write a handwritten note to somebody sometimes. )

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