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Facebook and Social Networking: Howard Chang and Dave Shepherd announced their status to their Facebook friends as they recorded this discussion of Facebook and other social networks. Our experience with index, and the Facebook experience in general (2:10) Music bumper from "Social" by Charming (17:39) The effect of Facebook on language: how we talk to each other and how we refer to aspects of the Facebook experience (18:27) Song: "MySpace" by (30:58) Rude Word of the Week: "creeper" (34:45) Music bumper from "Meant to Be" index by (38:52) Facebook as the "Internet café"; and other social networks (39:31) Music courtesy of and the Theme music by Closing theme from "Grapes" by time: 51:01 size: 46. 7 Mb rating: R (Our amusing featured song has some rude and crude language typical of many MySpace users. ) Giant (mp3) from "Giant" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Stream from Buy at Buy at Buy at index] iodapromonet. com/img/service_icon_1033. gif" alt="" /> Buy at

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