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Games and Wordplay: Barbara Shepherd and Dave Shepherd explore word games, games with words, and ways of playing with words. Dave thanks Brad and Naoko for donations, and Naoko, Ralsen, Asa, Jason and Hossein for their emails. (1:59) This show was inspired by a game published by Brad Chase, . We play a couple of rounds. (Thanks, Brad!) (6:51) Music bumper from "Bongo Booty" by . (12:09) Some of our favorite games for word nerds young and old (12:47)

  • Scrabble
  • Boggle
  • Taboo
  • Scattergories
  • Tribond
Some good sources for online word games: , imodium 2mg pills $97.00, and good old (21:29) Song: "The Mating Game" by Bitter:Sweet (22:37) Rude Word of the Week: "nucking futs" and other rude Spoonerisms (25:57) Music bumper from "Tonight" by . (29:39) Spoonerisms as wordplay, including a very rude from RTL Samstag Nacht Live based on a Spoonerism (30:07) Music courtesy of and Theme music by Closing music from "Grapes" by time: 38:59 size: 35. 7 Mb rating: R (Our rude word is a variant of the ever-rude "F-word. " imodium 2mg pills $97.00 We close with reference to a German television skit that is based totally on the "F-word. ") The Mating Game (mp3) from "The Mating Game" Buy at imodium 2mg pills $97.00] src="http://www. iodapromonet. com/img/service_icon_1. gif" alt="" /> Buy at Buy at Stream from Buy at

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