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The Word Nerds will be making some changes to our blog setup sometime in the next week. (This means sometime between May 9 and May 16. ) While we will continue to have our podcast audio files hosted by our favorite podcast hosting company, Liberated Syndication, we will be moving the blog and feed portion of the podcast to a separate server account. Gestanin 5mg pills $258.00 we will be creating our blog posts and podcast feed with wordpress software. What this means to listeners is this: our blog will have a more refined look and feel, and visually impaired listeners will be able to fully participate in comment discussions. Because of the LibSyn spam-protection scheme gestanin 5mg pills $258.00, blind and visually [gestanin 5mg pills $258.00] impaired listeners cannot now post comments, because the spam-protection mechanism requires reading and re-typing numbers from an on-screen image. We also plan to install a bulletin-board style forum to make our discussions more open-ended. Listeners will be able to initiate threads of discussion on their own. This will appear sometime in the next month. If you are a subscriber, you should not have to change anything. There may be a brief interruption in the website, but this should not last more than about a day. Regular subscribers may notice that a few recent editions of The Word Nerds are downloaded twice. We apologize for this, but gestanin 5mg pills $258.00 hope that the inconvenience is not too great. In any event, our existing podcast blog will continue to be available at . We will link to archives of our older shows, but these older editions will not continue to show up in the new feed. Thanks for your understanding and for your continued participation in our podcast conversation. --Dave

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