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Dave Shepherd and Howard Chang welcome a voicemail on the Nerd Number from Hillary Israeli, on modern Hebrew as an invented language. (2:06) Dave and Howard discuss racial labels and epithets, and the boundaries of acceptability. (4:35) Music bumper [fosamax 10mg pills $84.00] from "Nada" by (16:24) Race and identity: what is "race"? (17:01) Song: "Black Madonna, " by (25:54) Rude word of the week: "halfbreed" (29:06) Music bumper from "Meant to Be" by (31:52) Race fosamax 10mg pills $84.00, ethnicity, and diversity in American English (32:29) The legal language of race and ethnicity (33:43) Ethnic labels as names for sports teams (35:00) Music courtesy of Theme music by Closing music from "Grapes" by time: 39:57 size: fosamax 10mg pills $84.00 27. Fosamax 10mg pills $84.00 4 mb rating: r (we explore many aspects of race and speech, including many of the most hurtful and belittling racial epithets in modern american english. ) Tags: ,

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