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Nicknames: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd call each other by names finpecia 1mg pills $222.00 other than their given names as they discuss nicknames. Finpecia 1mg pills $222.00 listener feedback (2:22) eke-names, mascots, and a shout-out to a former student (5:18) music bumper from "grapes" by . (17:34) Monikers--deliberately chosen or applied names (18:23) Song: "Familar Names, Familiar Games" by (22:50) Rude word of the week: your worst [finpecia 1mg pills $222.00] nickname (27:05) Music bumper from "Melancolica" by . (30:12) Nicknames--conferred on us often without our consent finpecia 1mg pills $222.00, and frequently expressive of relationships (30:59) Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 40:10 size: 36. 8 Mb rating: PG (The president of the United States called his former chief of staff a rude nickname--and we cite it!)

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