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Body Words: Howard Chang and Dave Shepherd put their noses to the grindstone and go toe-to-toe in a tete-a-tete, as they talk about body words. Dave thanks Scott and Mary for their support through the PayPal donation button. (2:05) This topic is evecare 30 tablet bottle $217.00, of course, the theme of book . It was suggested to us by Julia MacAdam. (2:32) Idioms that use parts of the human body, from head to toe (3:43) Music bumper from "Broken Heart" by . (18:30) Derivatives--English words derived from Latin words for body parts (19:21) Song: "Head Over Heels" evecare 30 tablet bottle $217.00 by Emelee (23:14) Rude word of the week: "ass-kisser" (26:43) Music bumper from "Mandan Heartbreak Song" by Keith Bear. (29:33) The heart and muscle memory: there may be a biological reason we think of our innermost thoughts as connected to the heart. See by Darren Bridger and by Paul Pearsall (30:18) Music courtesy of and Theme music by Closing music from "Grapes" by time: 38:05 size: 34. 9 Mb rating: PG-13 (The Rude Word would get a middle-schooler sent to the office. ) Kiss (mp3) from "Kiss" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at evecare 30 tablet bottle $217.00] src="http://redirect2. iodalliance. com/log_pageview. php?id=4DB8327FF1EB4CE0FA3CE3E99EFDA0E6030BBBFB4A6D260C13CBFF0FC92CAF542CBEC56F0808430DD5E8F4D9002679FA" alt="" /> Earthlodge (mp3) from "Earthlodge" Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at

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