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Enhance9 tablets $102.00 dave shepherd and howard shepherd respond to a voicemail from chad at about the secret girl language. (1:58)Dave and Howard explore several different sorts of [enhance9 tablets $102.00] puns. (4:18) Music bumper from "Nada" by (11:26) Some serious puns (12:11) Song: "Absinthe Minded enhance9 tablets $102.00, " by (16:03) Rude word of the week: "dullard" (as enhance9 tablets $102.00 in somebody who just doesn't get puns) (19:03) Music bumper from "Driving Song" by (22:01) Bilingual puns (22:40) Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 28:19 size: 19. 5 Mb rating: PG (Puns often have double or triple meanings. Our song celebrates a rather infamous alcoholic drink. ) Tags: ,

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