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Dave Shepherd welcomes his wife Barbara once again as a guest Word Nerd. Dave and Barbara, who met in drama school years ago, discuss their shared background as actors. (1:54) The specialized vocabulary of the theatre (5:51) Music bumper from "Overreacting" by (15:05) Acting and [combivent 100mcg inhalation canister $160.00] performance in everyday life: the roles we play (15:29) Song: "All the World's a Stage, " by (19:15) Rude word of the week: "chew the scenery" (23:27) Promo for , a podcast novel of suspense (28:04) Music bumper from "Ockham's Shaving Kit" by (28:53) Brushes we have had with famous actors. Combivent 100mcg inhalation canister $160.00 (for more wonderful stories of similar close encounters combivent 100mcg inhalation canister $160.00, check out episode #34 combivent 100mcg inhalation canister $160.00 of . ) (29:31) Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 36:03 size: 24. 8 Mb rating: G (Although we used to be actors, we don't talk about the seedy side of the theatre at all. ) Tags: , ,

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