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2008 New Year's special edition: Dave Shepherd sends New Year's greetings from the Word Nerds team, and responds to listener feedback. Dave reads and responds to emails from Hillary, Idiosyncratic Idiot bimatoprost 3ml bottle $100.00, Chris, Rob, and Donna. (3:10) A bald-faced solicitation of your donations through our PayPal button. (See the right-hand navigation column on our website. ) (15:47) Shows we hope to do soon: rhetorical devices, many peoples divided by a [bimatoprost 3ml bottle $100.00] common language, and the languages we teach. (16:59) Theme music by time: 20:55 size: 19. 2 Mb rating: G. Bimatoprost 3ml bottle bimatoprost 3ml bottle $100.00 $100.00 this week's show is just a response to our listeners' very courteous and decorous emails.

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