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Dave Shepherd and Howard Chang talk about derivatives--words that come from other words and how we came to love them. The derivation of "derivative" (2:42) How we became infatuated with derivatives (5:17) Music bumper from "Court of Greedy Kings, " by (11:07) Word Power through derivatives ("plant that seed betoptic 5ml eye drops bottle $116.00, watch it grow") (11:23) Song: "Carbon Copy" by (21:34) Rude word of the week: "rip-off" (24:52) Music bumper from "Melancolica" by (33:00) "Challenge words" for our listeners - use your knowledge of root words to post your best guestimates on our blog [betoptic 5ml eye drops bottle $116.00] (33:36)

  • anthropomorphic
  • euphonious
  • hecatonstylon
Music betoptic 5ml eye drops bottle $116.00 courtesy of Theme music by Closing music from "Grapes" by time: 40:02 size: 36. Betoptic 5ml eye drops bottle $116.00 7 mb (we've gone back to a higher bitrate to improve our sound a bit. ) rating: PG (Our featured song has a brief allusion to drinking. )

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