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Since Howard Shepherd and Howard Chang are both travelling the world, Dave Shepherd welcomes a special guest Nerd, Barbara Shepherd (the Love of His Life). (1:57) Dave and Barbara [arimidex 1mg pills $354.00] talk about their favorite new podcast, , produced by their good arimidex 1mg pills $354.00 friends arimidex 1mg pills $354.00, Julie and Mark. Join Julie and Mark on podcast walking tours of Washington DC and the surrounding area. (2:46) Dave and Barbara respond to audio feedback from Jenny B. with a mondegreen from childhood. We follow up by quoting a great Word Nerds mondegreen, experienced by Carrie and originally mentioned in a comment thread. (4:00)Dave and Barbara, both Baby Boomers, talk about how their generation has shaped language. Arimidex 1mg pills $354.00 (6:55) music bumper from by "telepop" by (10:09) being children, grandchildren, and parents: how these relationships color our perception of language (10:44) song: "21 years, " by (18:11) rude word of the week: "square" (21:40) music bumper from "essence" by (25:08) trend-watching: barbara talks about trends that may have an impact on language and culture. (25:31) Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 32:00 size: 22 Mb rating: PG (In our Rude Word segment we make passing reference to a marijuana cigarette, but otherwise it's squeaky-clean. ) Tags: , ,

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