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Barbara Shepherd returns for the second week as a guest Nerd. She and Dave Shepherd respond to an email from Fred [arimidex 1mg pills $143.00] Chalfant about Barbara's grandmother's name. Arimidex 1mg pills $143.00 (2:52) dave and barbara, who are both musicians, talk about the importance of music in their lives. (4:23) Music bumper from "Tonight" by (9:11) What music does to language: poetry arimidex 1mg pills $143.00, songs, musical theater, education (9:38) Song: "Singing to Me, " by (14:39) Rude word of the week: "tone deaf" (18:09) Promo for (21:23) The special language of music: re-purposed words in English and musical vocabulary in Italian (22:04) Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 31:04 size: 21. 3 Mb rating: G (We talk arimidex 1mg pills $143.00 about singing to our children when they were very young. Aw! Isn't that sweet?) Tags: , , ,

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