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Abridgment: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd leave out all the unimportant parts as they talk about abridgment. We feature the masters of abridgment, the Reduced Shakespeare Company. We've been away. While we were gone adhd strattera 25mg pills $109.00, the Nerd Number died. But now you can leave an audio message with our MyChingo button. (1:52) Definitions of "abridge, " plus some related words (4:16) Music bumper from [adhd strattera 25mg pills $109.00] "Trifle 3" by (10:16) In April, Dave interviewed the RSC (that's the , not that "Royal" bunch). (10:58) Song: adhd strattera 25mg pills $109.00 "Left Out" by (19:28) Rude word of the week: "half-assed" (22:53) Music bumper from "Make Me Understand" by . Adhd strattera 25mg pills $109.00 (25:21) intentions and functions of abridgment (26:13) music courtesy of theme music by time: 32:54 size: 30. 2 Mb rating: PG (Our Rude Word is about as rude as we get this week. )

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