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More than one person has asked us this question lately, via email or the forum. We have not died and gone away. The Word Nerds does continue to live. We adalat 5mg pills $83.00 just have not been able to record a new show in the past three weeks or more. The reason for this is quite simple: there is no place in my house right now where I can set up a microphone. As I mentioned in that last show (), the bottom floor of our house is being renovated. This means it is out of commission for several more (three to four) weeks. Not only do I not have my usual recording/production area, but my family is living together in half the space (plus boxes and extra furniture) that we had before. Adalat 5mg pills $83.00 so no adalat 5mg pills $83.00, [adalat 5mg pills $83.00] the word nerds have not podfaded. Our hiatus is just taking longer than planned. Please don't unsubscribe from our podcast feed!

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