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Rhetoric, part 1: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd explore the difference between rhetoric and dialectic. They invoke Plato, Aristotle, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore. Dave thanks Michael accutane 30mg pills $197.00, Tim, Emma, and Clint for their support through their PayPal donations to the show. (See the button on the right-hand navigation column of our web page. ) (2:00) Rhetoric, dialectic, syllogism accutane 30mg pills $197.00 and enthymeme defined and illustrated. Accutane 30mg pills $197.00 howard's major source is by Edward P. J. Corbett. (2:26) Music bumper from "Road to Rhodes" by . (10:44) Modes of persuasion in contemporary discourse: Limbaugh/Moore vs. Obama/Huckabee (11:26) Song: "Liar" by (19:15) Rude word of the week: bullshit artist (22:34) Music bumper from "Telepop" by . (27:09) Anticipation of part 2: figures of speech and [accutane 30mg pills $197.00] rhetorical techniques (27:56) Music courtesy of Theme music by time: 35:07 size: 36. 8 Mb rating: PG-13 (Our Rude Word would probably get you sent to the principal's office in a U. S. middle school. )

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