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Viagra professionsl Like my older brother Dave, viagra professionsl the Node Nerd, viagra professionsl I grew up on various rural routes in western North Carolina. Viagra professionsl With a pastor for a father and an English teacher for a mother, viagra professionsl we were immersed in language from the get-go. Viagra professionsl In 1973 I followed my brother to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, viagra professionsl where I was a physics major for a semester–just long enough to fail calculus.

Viagra professionsl I eventually meandered my way to an interdisciplinary humanities degree at UNC. Viagra professionsl After college I went to the Black Forest of Germany, viagra professionsl where I studied German at a Goethe-Institut in a small town named Staufen. Viagra professionsl (The historical Dr. Viagra professionsl Faustus, viagra professionsl made famous by Marlowe and Goethe, viagra professionsl died there.) During my time in Germany, viagra professionsl I did a stint as a street musician in the nearby university town of Freiburg.

Viagra professionsl When I came back to America, viagra professionsl I lived briefly in the Capital of Obfuscation and Acronym (right in the belly of the beast, viagra professionsl in the heart of DC not far from the National Zoo), viagra professionsl where I worked in a law firm and specialized in operating a sophisticated piece of office machinery known to the uninitiated as a “copy machine.”

Viagra professionsl Feeling less than challenged, viagra professionsl I changed jobs and worked in the publishing industry for five years, viagra professionsl during which time I held the wonderfully euphemistic job title of “college traveler.” In the summers of 1981 through 1984, viagra professionsl when I was not “college traveling” for Oxford University Press, viagra professionsl I earned a master’s degree in Liberal Education at St. Viagra professionsl John’s College in Annapolis, viagra professionsl Maryland (the home of the Great Books curriculum).

Viagra professionsl Since 1985 I have been a high school English teacher–first at Good Counsel High School in Wheaton, viagra professionsl Maryland (a northern suburb of the Capital of O and A), viagra professionsl and for the last twelve years at Asheville High School in Asheville, viagra professionsl North Carolina. Viagra professionsl At Asheville High, viagra professionsl I have earned the reputation of “that Hamlet guy” and the biggest grammar curmudgeon on the faculty.

Viagra professionsl Email me directly: Howard Shepherd’s email

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