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Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 My mom taught me to read at a young age in western North Carolina, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 so I skipped the first grade. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 The next eleven years were not very exciting: I became interested in music in the fifth grade (the same year the Beatles came to America), tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 but then we moved to a school without a music program when I was in the eighth grade.

Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 After high school I attended the University of North Carolina, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 where I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dramatic Art. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Having nothing better to do after graduation, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 I stayed on and got an MFA in acting from UNC. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 I met my wife in drama school, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 and we went to New York City to try the acting thing.

Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Acting didn’t make us quickly rich and famous, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 and it became apparent that we wouldn’t have much time together if we continued as actors. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Since Barbara is, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 in fact, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 the Love Of My Life, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 we decided to shift gears. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 In 1981 we moved to Nashville, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Tennessee, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 where I was going to make it big in music.

Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Well, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 I didn’t make it big in music, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 but I had a day job at Vanderbilt University, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 where I started sitting in on German courses. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 My brilliant younger brother Howard the Nerd had studied some German at UNC-Chapel Hill, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 and I had always found that very cool. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 One thing led to another, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 and in 1992 I earned a PhD in German from Vanderbilt.

Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 As Dr. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Dave I moved my family once again, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 this time to Washington, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 DC, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 the Capital of Obfuscation and Acronym. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 I took a tenure-line assistant professor job at American University (known then as The American University, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 and rather pompously abbreviated as TAU–no kidding!). Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 I was on track to be a German Wunderkind at TAU. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 But the year I was reviewed for tenure, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 a long-absent full professor decided to come back to Washington and teach again. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Pffft. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 That was it for my higher-education career. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 (Schadenfreude in October 2005: the university president whose regime ousted me was himself ousted. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Ah well…)

Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Desperate for a job, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 in 1999 I searched and finally landed a job teaching high-school German in the Loudoun County, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Virginia, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 public schools. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 This turned out to be a great thing, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 since I love teaching teenagers and now have a job that is more respected in the community than being a “liberal college-professor type.”

Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Oh. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Somewhere along the way, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 in the mid-1990s, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 I developed an intense interest in performance magic. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 In addition to teaching and podcasting, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 I am also a professional magician, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 specializing in “close-up conjuring for elegant events.” In 2004, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 readers of a local magazine voted me “Best Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainer.”

Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 I still play music sometimes, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 and I live with the Love Of My Life in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 DC. Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 (Our daughter is in college and our son’s writing and performing music around the country and in New York.) In fact, tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Barbara is now an official Word Nerd!

Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Life is good.

Tofranil 25mg pills $83.00 Email me directly: Dave Shepherd’s email

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