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Ordering cialis gel I grew up in rural Abingdon, ordering cialis gel Virginia, ordering cialis gel a small town which just happened to boast being home to the State Theatre of Virginia: the Barter. Ordering cialis gel Some of my earliest memories are of going to the theatre and finding it a magical experience. Ordering cialis gel This early exposure to the arts had a profound impact on my life. Ordering cialis gel As a junior in high school, ordering cialis gel I was asked to join our church’s adult choir, ordering cialis gel and before I left for college, ordering cialis gel I was encouraged to pursue singing.

Ordering cialis gel At Mary Washington College (now the University of Mary Washington), ordering cialis gel I majored in drama and took singing lessons. Ordering cialis gel I also took dance classes while I completed the course work to earn a teaching certificate in high-school drama. Ordering cialis gel Next stop: Chapel Hill, ordering cialis gel NC and an MFA in acting at the University of North Carolina. Ordering cialis gel There I met the Node Nerd, ordering cialis gel Dave, ordering cialis gel and within three months, ordering cialis gel I knew he was the one!

Ordering cialis gel After Dave and I pursued acting careers in New York for awhile, ordering cialis gel we moved to Nashville. Ordering cialis gel There, ordering cialis gel our two children were born, ordering cialis gel and I discovered arts education administration, ordering cialis gel which was to become my life’s work. Ordering cialis gel I have been working in this wonderful field since 1981. Ordering cialis gel It has proved to be a perfect blend of the arts and education, ordering cialis gel the two areas I love the most.

Ordering cialis gel When Dave’s career moved us to Washington, ordering cialis gel DC, ordering cialis gel I met folks at the John F. Ordering cialis gel Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and began to work there in 1993. Ordering cialis gel I’m still at it and enjoy serving as director of National Partnerships, ordering cialis gel which allows me to work with dedicated professionals from across the country in strengthening arts education programs for students at all grade levels.

Ordering cialis gel Although Dave and I now have an “empty nest, ordering cialis gel” we keep busy singing in the church choir and serving on committees, ordering cialis gel attending Nationals baseball games, ordering cialis gel touring local wineries with friends, ordering cialis gel and going to theatre in Washington.

Ordering cialis gel Dave’s right, ordering cialis gel life is good!

Ordering cialis gel Email me directly: Barbara Shepherd’s email

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  1. No wonder Dave calls you The Love of My Life. It is fortunate of you to marry Dave and also have a job that you enjoy doing. I envy you.

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