The forum is dead, long live the forum

What’s this? After over two years, two posts in one day?

The Word Nerds Forum has been removed from the site. It has not been active in well over two years, and it has become an administrator’s nightmare, since it seems only to attract new registration requests generated by spambots.

I hope that if I remove it from the Internet, it will cease to attract these spambots.

I do have a backup copy saved, so if you posted something that you need to treasure forever, let me know. I can probably restore it temporarily. However, I will not be restoring it to full operational status.

7 thoughts on “The forum is dead, long live the forum

  1. Thx a lot for all the 119 posts. TheWordNerds seem to have closed a cycle. You guys have done a great job. Hope to bump into you again sometime in the future. All the best for all of you! THANK YOU.
    Rix – Brazil.

  2. Thanks for everything you have done to help English learners and teachers to make their learning and teaching process easier and more fun.

  3. Thank you and good luck with your next endeavors (and current). I have enjoyed listening and re-listening to your podcasts. I had hoped you would return, but understand. Thank you for all you have shared.

  4. I miss you guys, I’ve listened all of your podcasts more than 4 times each, when I was studying english (actually I am still studying) I used to listen over 2 episodes a day. Learning English for me became a pleasure because of your podcasts, I didn’t really had to practice my listening skills with boring materials because I could listen to your programs. If you someday produce another podcast please let me know by e-mail. You guys are a great part of my past and what all of you taught me will always be a great part of my future. Thanks a lot!

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