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Viagra tablets Howard and Dave by the courthouse in JonesboroughStories and Storytelling: Howard Shepherd and Dave Shepherd are in Jonesborough, viagra tablets Tennessee, viagra tablets at the National Storytelling Festival, viagra tablets where they discuss stories and storytelling.

Viagra tablets Thanks to Martin P. Viagra tablets for a PayPal donation (1:58)

Viagra tablets We are in Jonesborough, viagra tablets Tennessee, viagra tablets the oldest town in Tennessee, viagra tablets home of the International Storytelling Center and host to the National Storytelling Festival. Viagra tablets (2:19)International Storytelling Center

Viagra tablets Why do people tell stories? Morality tales, viagra tablets expressions of heritage, viagra tablets stories that break the ice, viagra tablets stories that support the ego (5:14)

Viagra tablets Music bumper from “Edgar Meyer Winter” by Shibboleth (13:28)

Viagra tablets Different kinds of storytelling performances that we have seen: folk music, viagra tablets reminiscence stories, viagra tablets cowboy poetry, viagra tablets telling traditional tales (15:20)Train tracks and story tent

Viagra tablets Song: “The Story” by Jason Silver (22:19)

Viagra tablets Rude Word of the Week: “turkey” (25:41)

Viagra tablets Music bumper from “Nada” by Jaime Beauchamp. Viagra tablets (29:36)

Viagra tablets The future of storytelling: what will storytelling look and sound like in future generations? Benjamin Shepherd, viagra tablets Ruthanna Ruben, viagra tablets Caden Watts (30:17)Main Street, viagra tablets Jonesborough

Viagra tablets Music courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network

Viagra tablets Theme music by Kick the Cat

Viagra tablets time: 37:35

Viagra tablets size: 34.4 Mb

Viagra tablets rating: G (No “adult stories” were recounted in this edition. Viagra tablets Furthermore, viagra tablets kids should be told stories all the time.)

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  1. What a great idea to attend this festival! I will see if my daughter, a kindred word nerd, wants to attend next year. Hope your dad had a great time turning 80 and listening to yarns with his sons.

  2. I think our dad did have a great time. (In fact, he told us many, many times that he did.) Indeed, we all had a great time.

    What we didn’t mention on the show was that the weather was nearly perfect for this event. Barbara Shepherd was sent to it about 12-13 years ago as a work assignment, and she got a bad impression. It was cold, had been raining, and everything was muddy.

    Our weekend, on the other hand, was crisp and autumnal–the kind of weather that keeps you alert and makes you eager to create.

  3. Having grandparents just a few miles away in Greeneville, TN, I was thrilled to hear you there in Jonesboro! It is a beautiful area. Happy 80th to your dad!

    Thanks so much for your podcasts. I teach AP English (Lang and Lit), and I have a link to this website for both classes.

    My dad loves folk stories. What is the name of the “Jack Tales” storyteller you mentioned? I’d like to get a CD of him for Dad for Christmas.

    Krista McGee
    Tampa, FL

  4. Hi Krista. Sorry it took so long to approve your comment. I lost track of my approvals. It was a busy week in school.

    Howard mentioned hearing Jack tales told by Ted Hicks. Ted is the son of Ray Hicks, who was the master teller of these tales in the North Carolina mountains when he was alive.

    There are several books about Ray Hicks on Amazon. To find CDs of Ray telling stories, just Google “ray hicks cd” and you’ll get links to the Appal Shop General Store, Folk Legacy, and other sources.

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