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How viagra works Games and Wordplay: Barbara Shepherd and Dave Shepherd explore word games, how viagra works games with words, how viagra works and ways of playing with words.

How viagra works Dave thanks Brad and Naoko for donations, how viagra works and Naoko, how viagra works Ralsen, how viagra works Asa, how viagra works Jason and Hossein for their emails. How viagra works (1:59)

How viagra works This show was inspired by a game published by Brad Chase, how viagra works Orijinz. How viagra works We play a couple of rounds. How viagra works (Thanks, how viagra works Brad!) (6:51)

How viagra works Music bumper from “Bongo Booty” by Vincent Van GoGo. How viagra works (12:09)

How viagra works Some of our favorite games for word nerds young and old (12:47)

  • Scrabble
  • Boggle
  • Taboo
  • Scattergories
  • Tribond

How viagra works Some good sources for online word games: East of the Web, how viagra works Word Plays, how viagra works and good old Yahoo (21:29)

How viagra works Song: “The Mating Game” by Bitter:Sweet (22:37)

How viagra works Rude Word of the Week: “nucking futs” and other rude Spoonerisms (25:57)

How viagra works Music bumper from “Tonight” by Zach Ashton. How viagra works (29:39)

How viagra works Spoonerisms as wordplay, how viagra works including a very rude running skit from RTL Samstag Nacht Live based on a Spoonerism (30:07)

How viagra works Music courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network and Ioda Promonet

How viagra works Theme music by Kick the Cat

How viagra works Closing music from “Grapes” by Evan Stone

How viagra works time: 38:59

How viagra works size: 35.7 Mb

How viagra works rating: R (Our rude word is a variant of the ever-rude “F-word.” We close with reference to a German television skit that is based totally on the “F-word.”)

How viagra works The Mating GameBitter:Sweet
“The Mating Game” (mp3)
from “The Mating Game”

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How viagra works

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5 thoughts on “Online Viagra Gel To Buy

  1. Spoonerisms.

    Love them.

    genties and ladlemen is my current favorite.

    But they are really a subset of puns.

    for the best puns ever read spider robinson (especially callahans place novels)


    Live it.


  2. Ryan

    Loved the Spider Robinson reference. When I heard this podcast I thought immediately of his novel “The Lady Slings the Booze.”

  3. I hope not to seem to be one of those who post multiple times in order to achieve some measure of “Andy Warhol fame”. I was on my way to leave this comment and got sidetracked leaving a quick response for Ryan.

    At any rate I must take exception to the definition of “morpheme” as “the minimum unit ‘of sound’ that has any kind of meaning.” That is, of course, the definition of “phoneme”.

    Similarly, the definition of “kineme” is “the minimum unit of movement or gesture that has any kind of meaning.”

    “Morpheme” must be broad enough to encompass both of these, as well as any other “-emic” structure we may think of.

  4. Another favourite web site of mine providing word games is http://www.freerice.com. It’s not sophisticated – just a mutiple-choice test, but quite addictive, and you support a charity while you play.

  5. I really enjoyed this podcast! Hooray for Scattergories! My husband, friends and I have played that game so much that we began to make random and outrageous rules….I think it’s time to take up the idea I heard on this podcast and make new cards…
    Thanks for the podcast!

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